Best and worst of 2015: Film

Brody-Mistress-America-690Favourite films of 2015

I see a lot of films, being an unlimited cardholder, although there was a slew of films in the middle of the year that I missed out on due to the whole lack of arms thing, so I perhaps saw slightly fewer than in previous years. My favourites aren’t always necessarily the films that I consider of the highest quality in terms of cinematography, script and so on. Although obviously films that score well in those categories I can also love. What I tend to go for are those films I will want to watch again and again, and that’s how I’ve made my judgements for the most part-with a few exceptions of films that I thought were really good, but may not have a huge amount of rewatch value, for one reason or another.

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Best and worst of 2015: TV


So, trying to keep up this blog whilst Strictly and The Apprentice were on was too much hard work in this post-arms era, who knew? Anyway, I may as well do the unoriginal thing everyone is doing and list my top fives of the year. I’m steering away from music because I am at that annoying stage of life where all I remember is my old favourites and I forget to buy/Spotify/note the songs I like when I hear them on the radio, so let’s just not embarass myself there. I am also leaving books out because I am not sure how many I’ve read were actually from 2015. So I’m sticking to TV, film and beauty products over in the next 3-4 posts. First – TV.

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