About me

2014-10-11 21.08.18

I’m a 35-year old academic and sometime blogger living in Sheffield, UK. I love amateur dramatics, film, TV, music, books, make-up, food, drink and games – and will probably blog about all of these from time to time.

I also write for The Apprentbitch, Strictly Come Bitching and Broadway World. I have a Sims blog and a work-focused blog which get updated every millennium or so.

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram and I am just getting started with Bloglovin. (I also have a Tumblr and Pinterest but neither are updated often so I’m far too ashamed to link to them!)


One thought on “About me

  1. Hello. My name is Verity and I work for Yahoo. I tried to contact the SCB team but I didn’t hear back and wanted to try again. I would like to ask if you would be up for writing TV Content for our website. The kind of content we are looking for can be absolutely anything at all from reviews to trends to best and worst seasons of your favourite show. I would love to discuss this more with you so please don’t hesitate to email me at veritynelson@yahoo-inc.com. You can also see https://uk.celebrity.yahoo.com/tagged/yahoo-blogger-network to see what we’ve done so far! Thanks and I really hope to hear from you!

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