Weird new food: Rolo dark dessert

2015-08-26 20.49.27

I didn’t really mean to buy the new Rolo dark dessert, but they were on offer and they’d run out of the milk chocolate ones, so I picked these up instead. Now, I’m not really a lover of dark chocolate, so I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d like these, although I do quite like the milk ones.

2015-08-26 20.49.57

If you’ve not had any of the Rolo desserts, they have a consistency similar to a thick yoghurt and have a chocolate layer on top of the caramel layer. They don’t particularly taste like Rolos the sweets, but there is a definite caramel and chocolate vibe going on.

However, these were perfectly fine for me as a non-dark chocolate eater. They tasted, in fact, pretty much exactly the same as the milk chocolate ones. If you were a dark chocolate lover, I imagine these would be pretty disappointing. So, if you like the milky ones, you will like these, but their similarity sort of defeats the point of them being a new product.


Weird new food: Graze Chocolate Teacake and Peach Passion Fruit Cheesecake


I’ve been getting graze boxes since they first started several years ago when they used to be comprised predominantly of fresh fruit. Over the years, they’ve evolved in number of directions and are now much more around dry produce. There is quite a wide range of sweet and savoury snacks-although, they have taken away some of my favourites from the Japanese snack range, so I’m a bit annoyed with them for that! I was getting to a point where I was feeling a bit bored of seeing the same products over and over and I went on their website and discovered there were loads of new products that they hadn’t sent me so I’ve tried to click on everything possible I haven’t yet tried to ‘send soon’ in the hope that my graze box will get a little bit more interesting from here on in. The box I received today was actually a lot more exciting than the ones I’ve had recently, with some products that I had not tried before. These comprise two sweet packages: the chocolate teacake and the peach passionfruit cheesecake.

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Weird new food: Tic Tac mixers


Tic-Tac Mixers are, perhaps, inappropriately named-in the world of sweets, mix implies several different elements, but that’s not quite the case with the sweets, as each box contains a single flavour. However, they may well have been named after drink mixers, in which case, it might make slightly more sense-however, the drinks represented aren’t generally those commonly used as mixers!

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Weird new food: Mr Kipling Cocktail Fancies

2015-07-11 13.42.16

Among my friends, I have a reputation of being the one who will always try out some crazy weird new food stuff – so I thought that, from time to time, I’d blog about some of them. I saw Mr Kipling’s Cocktail Fancies in the supermarket the other day and picked them up. They come in three flavours: peach Bellini; Raspberry daiquiri and pina colada (my God, the voice software hates those names). Now, I have to confess I’m not really one for the fondant fancy. I find the flavour is a little bit insipi, the texture a little bit too airy and the whole thing in need of an extra shot of something like jam or curd. So bear that in mind-if you’re a fondant fancy lover, your opinion of these cakes may vary.

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