Palette test: Make Up Revolution: Mermaids Forever


Apologies for the long gap in posting – I was DYING OF ALL THE ILLNESS last week (/had a bad cold). Anyway, so behind am I that I’m not even on the palette after this one, but the one after that. It’s a similar story with the films, books, weird new foods and so on. So – onto business, my review of Make Up Revolution’s Mermaids Forever palette.


For the colossal sum of £8, you get a palette of 32 dinky sized shadows (no applicator/brush for those who don’t own separates), mostly in bright colours (sadly no yellows) and shimmers.


Aren’t they just so cute?


I really couldn’t be doing with swatching 32 shades (they are swatched on MUR’s site), but as you can see, they’re mostly very pigmented and shimmery. The only dud is the top left-hand corner (Forever), which doesn’t bring anything to the party except disappointment (the Pernod of this palette, if you like).

2015-08-21 14.51.26

So turquoisey-blues had to be done, didn’t they?

2015-08-21 12.14.52

Check me out wearing bright blue on a weekday daytime in rainy Sheffield (I chickened out of going this bright for work though; I was on leave). God knows why the camera phone has made it look like I have terrible mascara bleed all over one of my eyes and the surrounding face area, I didn’t.

Don't it make my hazel eyes green?

Don’t it make my hazel eyes green?


Gotta say, orange eyeshadow wouldn’t be a go-to normally (and my blending of it was a bit rough and ready), but the orange shadows really are beautiful. Having hazel eyes I don’t think they ‘pop’ on me the way they would if you had eyes that committed to being a single colour, but as shadows in and of themselves, they are lovely.


Another daytime look as well. I’m so brave.


And an evening now, with the copper browns – the eyeliner is one of the coppers as well as the eye colour.


I didn’t experiment as long as I could have with the palette as I was itching to try others, but I was super-impressed with it.

Rough and ready tester of some colours I didn't get round to wearing.

Rough and ready tester of some colours I didn’t get round to wearing.

If I’m honest, the last column didn’t do much for me as I have a billion smoky/silvery palettes and I would have preferred some golds/yellows and maybe just a single silver, and that top left hand shade (Forever) is a complete dud, but five redundant shades is still good going as that’s a strong 27 excellent shadows for £8, which you can’t complain about. Wear-time was good, they all lasted a full day and I got bored before they faded badly. They also work well as liners, which is nice as I am getting into the coloured liner trend a bit and many of my ACTUAL coloured liners are a bit shonky (I’m looking at you No7 with your beautiful liner colours that don’t actually transfer to the eyes).

I only bought this palette to top up a minimum order from MUR and it’s actually one of my favourites. Not one I could wear daily, but perfect for summer and would also be lovely for nights out and costuming. An absolute gem.

Next up: No7 80th anniversary palettes (yes, both of them)

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