Weird new food: Rolo dark dessert

2015-08-26 20.49.27

I didn’t really mean to buy the new Rolo dark dessert, but they were on offer and they’d run out of the milk chocolate ones, so I picked these up instead. Now, I’m not really a lover of dark chocolate, so I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d like these, although I do quite like the milk ones.

2015-08-26 20.49.57

If you’ve not had any of the Rolo desserts, they have a consistency similar to a thick yoghurt and have a chocolate layer on top of the caramel layer. They don’t particularly taste like Rolos the sweets, but there is a definite caramel and chocolate vibe going on.

However, these were perfectly fine for me as a non-dark chocolate eater. They tasted, in fact, pretty much exactly the same as the milk chocolate ones. If you were a dark chocolate lover, I imagine these would be pretty disappointing. So, if you like the milky ones, you will like these, but their similarity sort of defeats the point of them being a new product.


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