Hard as Nails: Nailbox July and August


Although I have bought a handful of beauty boxes now (I have another want to show you soon), there is only one that has inspired me to subscribe: Nailbox. For those that know me, that I would choose a nail-based box is no surprise. Nailbox is £15 a month (although it can be cheaper if you pay in bulk for several months at once) and for that you get five products, at least three of which will be polish. The box comes around the 23rd or 24th of the month although I think payment is taken at the start of the month, so watch out if you only intend to get a one-off box.

I’m slightly gutted that I missed the April Nailbox, as its colours were right up my street. The May and June ones less so, but still enough to inspire me to subscribe in time for the July box.

2015-07-24 11.27.30

In July, I received three nail polishes:

Ignore the nails... they're not painted with this colour...

Ignore the nails… they’re not painted with this colour…

Barry M Need for Speed

2015-07-24 11.28.55

China Glaze White on White

2015-07-24 11.29.05

OPI Kiss Me I’m Brazilian

2015-07-24 11.28.35

A MouYou London tropical stamp, scraper and stamper.

2015-07-24 11.29.26

A cuticle eliminator
balm from Elegant Touch


The theme of that month was tropical and, to be honest, I was slightly disappointed it didn’t have more outlandish colours-however, you could argue that all of these colours are tropical in their own way and I did need a new white. I wasn’t as keen on the cuticle eliminator as it’s not a product I have much need for, but it was certainly decent value and I know a lot of people were very glad to get it. All of the others in the box I was really pleased with.


The August box arrived yesterday and the theme for that was summer style. On that score, it didn’t disappoint.


Again, there are three coloured nail polishes and two other products. One was a toenail clipper from elegant touch (again), which I’m looking forward to using (and as much as you can look forward to clipping your nails!) as my current turnover clipper is a bit rubbish. The other non-colour product was a top coat from CND. The Vinylux coat is meant to last for seven days and today (obviously) suggest using conjunction with the polish from the same formula-although I will try with other polishes to see if that makes any difference. Can’t see me lasting seven days as I have too many polishes and too little time, but we’ll see.


The polish CND supplied was Wisteria Haze, a really nice blue-grey-purple shade that is colourful, yet not so bright you couldn’t wear it for work. I have a few CND products for nail care, but this is the first polish from then I’ve received so I’m looking forward to trying something new.


Next up, my pick of the pack, NailsInc gel in Seven Dials. You know me and yellow polish (yes, I’m aware I still owe the next instalment of my odyssey through yellow polish. My excuse is that I said it would be Rimmel and Barry M and I have a couple more Barry M polishes on their way from eBay that I want to trial before completing the review). I’ve been eyeing up this one in the shops for some time, but I would never justify buying a NailsInc polish at full price when they are always giving them away with magazines and toothpaste (!), sticking them in beauty boxes or putting them on sale in TK Maxx. So I’m very, very happy with this one. For lovers of lots of polish, this is a 14ml one unlike the 8ml ones you’ve been getting in the latest in beauty boxes. NailsInc sizing is bizarre – I assumed 8ml were ones they didn’t sell, but their website contains 14ml and 8ml and the 8ml are only a quid cheaper (and come in different colours to the 14ml), and then there are the 10ml in round bottles that are cheaper than either!


The final product is Flip-flop Fantasy from China Glaze. This is a very bright neon coral-peach colour, which is nothing like the image on their website. I’m not sure whether or not it’s from the electric nights collection-I have a few of the polishes from that collection but not this one, if it is from the same range. I really, really like this colour. It’s super bright and although it looks quite similar to Beach Bag from Models Own, they are quite different.

L - China Glaze, R - Models Own

L – China Glaze, R – Models Own

I swatched them side-by-side so that you can see. The China glaze polish is much brighter and more orange, whilst the Models Own leans pink. It’s also got a matte finish, which I wasn’t expecting as there’s nothing on the bottle to indicate that it’s a matte polish – unless that’s just how it dried on the swatching wheel. The only problem with this particular polish is that it’s also available in another nail subscription box this month, which seems very cheeky on behalf of China Glaze. I’m sure they must have overstocked on this one and it not been as popular as they expected, but that’s not really any excuse for shipping it out in two boxes within the same month! It also means that people who are really into nails will either feel ripped off if they get duplicate products, or will be less inclined to sign up to two boxes when there is the chance of duplication, which can’t be in the favour of the box makers either.


Overall, I am really happy with my nail box subscription. I’d like to say it means I’m buying less polish, but I can’t. However, all the shades I’ve had so far have been ones didn’t own, the brands have been fairly varied (more so if you look back over all of the months they’ve been running than these two where there was some duplication) and having the tools and coats in there is a nice touch. They have done a couple of topcoats within a few months though, so maybe they should shake things up a bit. I’m always interested in trying new base coats, it will be good to see one of those in a future edition.


4 thoughts on “Hard as Nails: Nailbox July and August

  1. Thanks for the link back, much appreciated! I love your comparisons on the swatch wheels, very handy to have. Like you I wasn’t overly interested in the cuticle eliminator but the clippers will be handy, particularly for my thumbs.

    I’m also with you on the love of this yellow, I’m not really a yellow polish person but I actually bought a Nails Inc non-gel one from TK Maxx recently that looks very similar and after swatching this one last night I’m in love with it, gorgeous bright yellow and went on surprisingly well in just 2 coats.

    • Ha, I also bought another nails inc yellow from TKMaxx, probably the same! More of a medium yellow than this one, but this is bright and fresh, my favourite type!

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