Weird new food: Boost bites

2015-08-12 19.13.58

A short but sweet one today. When I went in Morrisons the other day, I saw these on offer for £1 and couldn’t resist. I mean, who wouldn’t want mini pieces of Boost?

2015-08-12 19.14.25

Boost is one of the most underrated Cadbury bars there is, alongside its peanut twin Star Bar, but it can be a little bit sickly. For the uninitiated, it contains caramel, biscuit and a kind of chocolatey crumb substance I can’t identify.

2015-08-12 19.14.33

These bites are teeny tiny-I thought they were going to be the size of, say, a Thorntons chocolate, but they’re actually significantly smaller than that. They are super adorable and very delicious. If you find a full Boost is too much for you, then these definitely will be up your street.

When I was entertaining friends the other night these went down very well and were scoffed very quickly. I’ll definitely be repurchasing.


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