Adventures in beauty: Starskin Instaglam foaming puff and face mask

2015-03-08 11.45.41

As mentioned, I got the Starskin foaming puff peel and facemask in the Selfridge’s beauty box. I’ve never tried anything by this brand, nor have I tried one of these so-called peeling puffs or a full latex facemask, so this was an entirely new to me.

2015-03-08 11.45.33

The puff, which costs £7, is in a little pouch. You trickle water in, rub it about and the puff aims so that you can use it on your face as an exfoliating cleansing kind of experience.

Apparently you can get three uses out of it. The first use, I followed up with the face mask as recommended. The second, I didn’t use the face mask afterwards as I’d already used it-my skin looked and felt pretty nice afterwards, certinaly refreshed and glowy. The foam smelled nice enough but reminded me of the scent of a high-ish-end salon where I had my one and only ever electrical facial which I hated so, so much. The foaming puff, overall, was a nice product, but it wasn’t £7 of nice.



So this series is about me being a beauty noob and I’m such a noob that for the first five minutes, I didn’t realise that both sides of the full face mask (which costs an are-you-kidding-me £8.50) had a paper covering on, not just one. I walked around the flat like this wondering why the mask could not stay on my face at all and terrifying myself every time I looked in the mirror.

Oh yes, that's much less creepy.

Oh yes, that’s much less creepy.

This looks little better-I remind myself of one of the Flesh out of Doctor Who and it’s all entirely sinister, but it did fit more closely. However, I really found it quite claustrophobic wearing the mask, much more so than using a clay, mud or similar face mask. It felt like my face was trapped and struggling to get air. I was incredibly glad when the time was up and I could remove the face mask.

Again, the results were nice. My skin looked and felt good-but no more so than using other nice products and, definitely not the full cost’s worth.

I don’t think I’ll ever use one of these full face masks again because I’m actually terrified of the sight and I really didn’t like the claustrophobic feeling. I would use products by Starskin again, but only if they were either cheaper or would last me a little bit longer than these two.


2 thoughts on “Adventures in beauty: Starskin Instaglam foaming puff and face mask

  1. omg lol you must be so stupid lol i checked the products in selfridges and as far as i saw there are drawings how to use and description behind lol

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