Palette test: Rimmel Brixton Brown and Models Own Chrome


So for the next update in my never-ending quest to try out all my eyeshadow palettes, I picked two mini palettes. I bought the Models Own chrome palette a few weeks ago and have been waiting for an excuse to use it, whilst the Rimmel Brixton brown has been hanging around my stash for a while-I think I’ve used it a little bit, but it’s not one I reach for very often.



Flash off

Flash off

I thought these palettes would be quite different: once a day, one for night, but as it turned out, they complement each other quite well and, as you’ll see, I used them together on a couple of occasions. By the way, the Models Own is just super-cute. Love love love the packaging.

Flash off

Flash off

Flash on

Flash on


On the swatches, the Rimmel palette has a very mixed set of shades.



The lightest shade is okay, the deep brown in the bottom right, which looks like a nice shade, has incredibly poor pigmentation, and the shimmers are unexpectedly lovely and much nicer than they appear in the palette itself.




The Models Own shades all look really nice swatched, the two lighter shades look like they have the least pigmentation.


I was actually going for the look on the right but got heavy handed with the brush so they both ended up like the one on the left.



The first look was my favourite of the week-I used those unexpectedly lovely copper shades from the Rimmel palette along with the nude colour and the look was nice and had a reasonable wear time. A swipe of gold from Models Own took it up a night-time notch (I did reapply that eyeliner!)


For the second look, I went gold and copper with the models own. I really liked the look. The shades are seriously pretty. They don’t apply that easily with tools, but I found the best way was to apply with the finger and blend with the sponge they include in the palette.


However, these blend into each other incredibly quickly, more so than powder shadows, and they really did not like warm weather one little bit, melting in heat, even with a primer underneath and a fixing spray on top (albeit a fairly light spray).



They just melted into horribleness and there was not much longevity to them-I suspect they will perform quite well in the winter. In fact, this palette to me screams winter. It will look lovely the Christmas parties and it’s a real strange one that they brought out in the summer, which is probably the season it will fare least well in.

In hindsight, I am wondering if primer is a bad idea for these shadows so I’ll give it a go without at some point to see if they slip off less.

More shadow in the shot than on my eyes ho ho

More shadow in the shot than on my eyes ho ho

For the third look, I went back to the Rimmel to give the shade that looked terrible on the swatch a go on the eyes. It did perform marginally better on the eye, but that is a very small margin. I was going for a smoky look, and the look I got was pretty nude.



To make it a little bit more zingy (just a little, it was day time), I used some of the silvers from the models own. I applied a very small amount of these just to the lower part of the eye, but after a few blinks they had spread themselves all over the lid anyway.


I didn’t really mind this, as I’d only applied a light sheen and wasn’t particularly wedded to how I’d place them, but if I’d done a precise job, I would have been pretty annoyed!

Overall then, I’ve had quite a mixed experience with these two. I really, really like the metallics in the Rimmel palette and found them a real surprise. I really love the colours in the models own, but I’m much less convinced about the quality. However, I really hope it’s going to be a winner at Christmas time because I think it will look really pretty and hopefully the cooler temperatures will do it some favours.

Next time: like every other blogger in the universe, I’ll be reviewing Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky.


2 thoughts on “Palette test: Rimmel Brixton Brown and Models Own Chrome

    • The red is stunning. The Models Own are just such lovely shades as well 😦 Really hoping either losing primer or just wearing them in cold weather does the trick.

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