Weird new food: Graze Chocolate Teacake and Peach Passion Fruit Cheesecake


I’ve been getting graze boxes since they first started several years ago when they used to be comprised predominantly of fresh fruit. Over the years, they’ve evolved in number of directions and are now much more around dry produce. There is quite a wide range of sweet and savoury snacks-although, they have taken away some of my favourites from the Japanese snack range, so I’m a bit annoyed with them for that! I was getting to a point where I was feeling a bit bored of seeing the same products over and over and I went on their website and discovered there were loads of new products that they hadn’t sent me so I’ve tried to click on everything possible I haven’t yet tried to ‘send soon’ in the hope that my graze box will get a little bit more interesting from here on in. The box I received today was actually a lot more exciting than the ones I’ve had recently, with some products that I had not tried before. These comprise two sweet packages: the chocolate teacake and the peach passionfruit cheesecake.

For those of you unfamiliar with how graze boxes work, you get four little packs of snacks each in their little plastic tubs and you can have a box as often or not as you like. I tend to get mine fortnightly, but you can have them on a much more regular basis if you want to. On their website you can opt in or out of different kinds of content. For example, I hate banana, so I have told it never to give me any of the products containing banana. You can also rate snacks try like love or bin so that the site allegedly learns your preferences. It did used to be better at sending me new products once they derived than it has been of late, however. If you do want to try graze, you can get some free boxes using the code RUTHD95YB-I’m not being paid to say this, I just get something free if you do!

Some of the selections they do are packs of fruit, biscuits or other pieces that are meant to replicate favourite deserts. I don’t know if they still did it, but one of the best ones was a Bakewell tart flavoured one that involved cranberries, almonds and… something I can’t remember! The idea is that these pieces are meant to taste of the pudding, but with fewer calories and nasty bits!


The chocolate teacake one is meant to replicate at a Tunnock’s teacake or similar. It has chocolate cookies, mini marshmallows (allegedly vanilla flavour), strawberry gel pieces which I think are like those fruit strips you can buy, and cranberries. I get where they’re aiming for here and it does just about replicate the taste of chocolate teacake and, to some extent, the texture. I’m not entirely sure how good this is for you, seeing as it has a lot of sugary bits and pieces in, but it’s a nice little treat to have every now and again. I wouldn’t want this in my graze box all the time, but occasionally I’d be happy to see it back.


The second of the new products I received was the peach passionfruit cheesecake mix. This contains large passionfruit white chocolate buttons (not very many), dried coconut, peach gel (similar to the strawberry in the teacake pack) and little biscuity cakey bites, like a Jaffa cake base. I’d kind of see how this could taste a bit cheesecakey, but the white chocolate is not quite the same as the cream cheese filling. I wonder if some yoghurt-coated element might have helped replicate the taste better. Not that I’m complaining about white chocolate, because I always love it, just that it isn’t necessarily the most effective substitute for cheesecake!


All of the bits in this packet are really tasty. I think this is the first graze thing I’ve had where passionfruit or peach has been involved, and it was really nice to have something with those flavourings from the company for a change. I would probably like to receive this little bit more frequently than the chocolate teacake-not because it’s any better, per se, it just matches my personal preferences a little bit more.


2 thoughts on “Weird new food: Graze Chocolate Teacake and Peach Passion Fruit Cheesecake

  1. Great post! I haven’t had a Grazebox in so long, you have really put my in the mood for one now! Keep up the good word!

    I got your link from 30plusblogs, currently trying to visit as many blogs as possible and leave comments which is why my comment is soo short lol.

    Carrie xx

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