Weird new food: Marmite Summer of Love


Every now and again, Marmite bring out these weird and wonderful limited editions. We’ve had Guinness, champagne, gold and probably several others that I’ve forgotten. However, this summer there is a new addition to the family. Called Marmite: summer of love, this jar professes to be a lighter version of Marmite, for those who basically can’t handle the strong stuff.

Even though I absolutely love Marmite, the problem I have with all these limited editions is that they never come in a small jar or even a medium one, just in the large size. And as a single woman, the large sizes aren’t particularly my preference-not least because I have a tendency to drop the Marmite out of the cupboard and sometimes it lands on me or my crockery!


As for the product-well, it looks like Marmite, it spreads like Marmite, it tastes like Marmite-and, yes, it tastes a bit lighter than Marmite. I guess you can’t complain that this product isn’t doing what it says on the tin (or in this case, jar). However, if you like the taste of Marmite but don’t like too much of it, you can already achieve that effect by simply spreading your Marmite thinly-I am not really sure what the point of having a specially lightened jar is, other than that you might get through it faster and therefore need to replace it quicker.

Still, I know that I will at least not need to chuck this one out for being gross. To be honest, I’ve never encountered any of the other special editions being gross, although I haven’t tried very many of them. In my experience, the ones I have tried just tasted like, well, regular Marmite. I think the lesson we can all learn from Marmite limited editions is there’s no point trying to improve on perfection.


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