Palette test: Makeup Revolution Girl Panic


I know it’s not that long since I last reviewed a Make-up Revolution palette, but I have so many of them that they are going to come along pretty thick and fast. I will try to intersperse them with other things as much as possible, but I have way more MUR than anything else.

Girl Panic is one of their 16-shade salvation palettes (I have to confess I have all of them. Blame all those 3 for 2s and spend X get loads of things free offers!) It’s a mixture of shimmers and mattes, albeit mostly shimmers and the majority of the shades are in pinky tones.

It has shades that you can use both the daytime and for evening and the shimmers especially had some really lovely tones. I can’t say that you could use it as your be-all and end-all (unless you absolutely love pink), because the spectrum of colours within the palette is incredibly narrow-some will love that, some will not. For me, it did get a little bit samey, but that’s always the challenge with palettes and with trying to do several looks from a palette in one go. On the other hand, the positive aspect of these kind of challenges is that I get to see the versatility of palettes more than I would if I was just mixing and matching them as is pretty usual for me.

Flash on

Flash on

Flash off

Flash off

As you can see, there are some really cool shimmers in here with copper/pink tones in them.

Honestly, the light mattes are on here somewhere...

Honestly, the light mattes are on here somewhere…

...with the flash on you can kind of detect them?

…with the flash on you can kind of detect them?

The mattes, however aren’t quite as bold either in swatch, or on the eye. The lighter mattes, in particular, are a little weak and underpowered. I do really like the taupe matte at the end of the pallet, though – even though it needs some heft to get it showing.


For the three looks I created a more daytime look using predominantly shimmers.


It lasted for the full work day and I had no problems with it.


The second was a much more smoked look for the evening.

The light in my hallway is a bit yellow...

The light in my hallway is a bit yellow…

...The light in my kitchen is a bit stark!

…The light in my kitchen is a bit stark!

I only wore this for a few hours but it certainly did fine.

There is actually a decent wodge of the matte shades on here, both light and dark... somewhere...

There is actually a decent wodge of the matte shades on here, both light and dark… somewhere… can maybe see them more here?  A bit?

…you can maybe see them more here? A bit?

The third was a look involving the mattes. The shades were a bit more visible in person than on these photos, but a decent thickness still didn’t go too far. The shades did blend together quite a lot throughout the day, but I am a little bit overenthusiastic when it comes to blending shadows anyway. I wish I could remember if I used primer or not – I usually do, but sometimes forget.

Overall, this is a nice palette – of shimmers, anyway. The mattes are OK as base/transition shades. It has lots of usable colours that not only go well with each other, they will also go well with colours from other palettes. It does veer towards the warm tones rather than the cool, so bear that in mind if you have a preference. I didn’t really see the point of the silvery grey shades in this palette, though: I mean, they’re okay and everything but so many palettes have similar shades anyway that they seemed a little bit redundant.

As mentioned, the mattes do need a lot of work in order to have any level of pigment payoff, and I wouldn’t buy this palette on the strength of them alone. However, you do get 16 shades for eight quid and these palettes are on the three for two at the moment, so you can mix it up with a couple of other tones of palette and get a really interesting mixture of looks.

Next time: two small palettes: Models Own colour chrome and Rimmel Brixton brown.


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