Palette Test: Freedom Clubbed to Death

2015-07-30 18.08.32

After the relative safety of the last two palettes in this series, I was desperate to inject some colour into proceedings. I have quite a lot of colourful palettes, as you will see over the coming months, but I wanted to start with the newest of my collection: Freedom’s Clubbed to Death palette.


Freedom snuck out their pro decadence palettes quite quietly a few weeks ago. I think they were originally designed as a limited edition that was sold elsewhere, but they’re now available on the site. There are four palettes in the series and I have all of them except the Magic palette (although I’ve heard good things about it). You’ll see them all at some point across this series. The palettes each have 20 shades in and retail for £6, which is a ridiculous bargain, even by the standards of Freedom/Make-Up Revolution.


I really wanted this palette, despite having many other bright palettes, because a) you can never have enough colourful palettes and b) I just fell in love with the packaging!


As per the rules of this challenge, I prepared three looks using this palette. Actually, I prepared four, but I didn’t take any photos of the first look. It’s a shame actually, as it was quite nice: I used the pale lilac based from Zoeva’s Cocoa Blend palette and then two of the darker purples from this palette to the eye line and crease, with the silver in the inner corner to highlight.


The second look was something that was much more classic for this type of palette: a festival look. Last weekend saw Sheffield’s annual Tramlines festival, which I’ll blog about in a separate post, and although I don’t usually wear makeup to this event because you are likely to get either sweaty or rained on, I couldn’t really let the opportunity to use this palette for a festival look go unused. Because I was going out in the daytime, I didn’t want anything too outlandish, but I did go brighter than I probably would normally for a daytime look as I thought I’d get away with it.


2015-07-25 14.36.22

I used the bright pink and the bright fluorescent red/orange, then topped off with the neon yellow. I also used a slick of blue eyeliner from Kiko along with Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara and to top it off some of Ciate’s pink mascara on the ends. A slick of gloss on the lips and a light blusher meant it was bright without being too in-your=face.

After four or so hours of festival-wear

After four or so hours of festival-wear

After a few hours, the yellow had faded quite a bit, although it was still present. The other two shades, however, lasted forever. Even though I thought I’d clean them all off at the end of the day there was still a slight tinge of them the next morning! All three of these shades can be found in either the Colour Chaos or Acid Brights palettes by Make-Up Revolution, and I didn’t think either the colour or the formula were drastically different in this palette, so if you have those palettes already, you probably don’t need this one, unless you fall in love with enough of the other shades to make it worth your while.

Flash on

Flash on

Flash off

Flash off

The next look was a more nude look that I could wear for work. Although this palette is clearly designed to be an evening/clubbing palette, I wanted to see how versatile it could be. There are two pale nude shades in the selection. They might look a little bit out of place, but they are actually quite handy as transition shades and to soften – in most of the looks, I used one to blend from the colours up to the brow. I suspect you could get away with only one of them though and then the second shade could have been used for a lighter shimmer-I would have liked a light purple, but actually a light shimmer in any of the colours in this palette would be useful for contrast.


Anyway, I used both nude shades and one of the darker browns and managed to affect something that was pretty subtle, despite the rest of the palette being quite bold. So, if you like bold shades but you don’t want to have loads of palettes hanging around and are after something versatile, you could still get some daytime use out of this one.

Flash on

Flash on

Flash off

Flash off

The final look was, again, one I tried out in the daytime. It was perhaps a little bold for some peoples daytime tastes, but I’m a firm believer in using colour in the daytime-I think you can get away with it if your eyes are deep set/hooded enough that the colour just peeks out when you blink or lower your eyes!


For this look, I used the aqua shade and one of the darker blue shades, with some Rimmel Sandal Eyes pen eyeliner-again, fairly subtle blush and gloss so as not to look like a clown!

2015-07-30 17.46.39

I actually really like this look. I don’t always wear blue, but every time I do I think I should wear it more.

Flash off

Flash off

Flash on.  Sorry the last shades are in shadow!

Flash on. Sorry the last shades are in shadow!

So onto the swatches. As you can see, the top half are more matte and the bottom are more shimmery although not everything on top is matte and not everything on the bottom is shimmer!


The mattes do look quite chalky in the swatches, however, on the face this isn’t really the case. I haven’t used every shade yet-I haven’t used the greens, one of the blues, the black or the white. Going on the strength of the swatches, the white looks pretty rubbish compared to everything else. To be honest, I wish they’d put in a different colour rather than the white as I don’t see myself getting an awful lot of use out of it. I’m also pretty sick of seeing black eyeshadow everywhere, again, I’m rarely going to use this as I have enough eyeliners to cobble dogs with.


The shimmers are really lovely: I haven’t worn that green yet, but I can’t do it justice in the photos-it’s so shimmery and lovely, I definitely will use this one in the future. The dark shimmers are really, really nice and even if you don’t want to use them with the neon shades here, they would go well with more muted shades from a different palette. The colour payoff on everything I’ve worn has been good except for the yellow which faded quite fast: it needed a touch up after about four hours. Everything else outlasted me.


Whilst is not much here that is new in the neons, the other colours seem to be quite different from things I have in my other Freedom/MUR palettes-although, it has to be said, I haven’t used all the palettes to their fullest-hence this series! If you don’t have any of the MUR palettes with brights in, then I would probably go for this instead, as it’s a more versatile palette. It’s also quite compact, smaller than the MUR 32 shade palettes and narrower than their Iconic palettes-if you have any of the Freedom 12 shade palettes, it’s not actually that much bigger than those.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with this palette and it’s definitely exceptional value for money. I look forward to trying the other pro decadence palettes across this series to see how they compare.

Next up: Make Up Revolution’s Girl Panic.


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