Hard as nails: Yellows 1 (budget brands)

2015-06-30 18.01.30

I have a huge nail polish collection (probably around 300 bottles?) – and one of the colours I have most of is my favourite – yellow. I have over 30 yellows and, believe me, they’re a) all different (ish) and b) I still don’t have enough. Like all colours, they are of very varying quality, however, and so I’m beginning the mammoth task of swatching and reviewing my whole stash with a review of the yellows. I’ve broken this down into a few posts and the first is focused on the yellow offerings from some budget brands.

2015-06-30 18.08.11

As I’ve purchased polishes over a while, not every shade is still available. Here we have, from L-R: Miss Sporty’s Lemon Drop, Essence’s Love is in the Air, Collection’s Canary Yellow, Essence’s Hello Sunshine, Freedom’s 412 and 17’s Mellow Yellow.


And more yellows are on order as I write...

And more yellows are on order as I write…


Although their colours are nice, Freedom‘s nail polish formula is very inconsistent from what I’ve tried so far (I have 5 or 6 bottles and have tried 4 of them) – veering from water-thin to super-thick and gloopy to bearable – none as yet have been amazing. This particular one is pretty gloopy and sticky and smudges easily but you can get a vaguely OK result if you’re slow and not too fussy. The colour is OK. It might stamp better than it applies as a single polish. I live in hope. But yeah, it’s only £1.


I have a few Miss Sporty polishes, which are usually £1.99 and I really don’t know why I don’t have more of them – the formula is decent, they wear OK and the colours are mostly nice (although not that original, which is probably why I don’t have many). Sometimes they can gloop a bit but the Freedom one above is much worse. This polish is a nice buttery yellow shade – a touch brighter than pastel, but nowhere near neon.


Essence is another brand I have mixed results with – to be honest, I have mixed results with every brand, as you’ll see from this series! I love, love, love the colour and sheen of this matte gel polish.

2015-05-01 18.27.02

Not least because it goes with my Lassiter’s hoody.

However, it’s another gloopy one and smudges super-easy so you have to be really patient when letting it dry (patience is not my forte).


The lighter yellow gel polish is a little easier to work with but still rewards patience and can still be a bit gloopy.

2015-04-18 17.14.11

Pretty shade though.

The other two shades have been discontinued but you might still find them in bargain bins.


Collection released a limited edition set of Mardi Gras shades last year for the Brazil world cup. I also have the green in the range. Its OK – yellows are hard to get right in terms of formula and it can be a bit streaky if under-done and gloopy if over-done, but you have at least a 50/50 chance of getting a decent result with it. I have some winners in their new 7-day wear selection, so it may be worth checking out the yellow in that range, although its a slightly different shade to this one.


Finally, my favourite of this bunch, the golden yellow Mellow Yellow from Seventeen, which I picked up in a bargain bin around Easter when they were phasing out old lines. I do find Seventeen to be one of the most under-rated High Street ranges. In my experience, they are way more consistent than No 7, which may be good for skincare but is super-patchy for make-up – especially nails.

2015-05-29 21.38.10

Its a shame this shade has been discontinued because it is by far the easiest of the polishes to work with – just the right consistency and done in two coats. Yellow shimmers do seem to be relatively successful compared to cremes – I dont know why there arent more. On that note, I am so after decent yellow glitter polishes if you know of any! I really liked the look of the one Glam Polish did in their Hairspray collection regret not picking it up TBH and I love the look of Limoncello by Cirque, but they are so expensive…

In terms of these budget polishes, then, if you can find the Seventeen anywhere in a bargain bin, snap it up! The Miss Sporty is also a decent buy. The Essence polishes are under £2 each and worth getting as long as you are patient with them. The Collection is OK but there are better yellows out there for not much more, so only get it if it is super-cheap. Avoid the Freedom one, even if it is cheap.

Next up: Rimmel and Barry M go on trial!


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