At the ‘flix: Life After Beth


Life after Beth is one of those films that I always thought I’d get round to see when it was at the pictures but never did because there were other things after my attention – and this is part of its problem – it’s never going to stand out.

I thought I would probably like it, as I like both of its stars, Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan. It also features John C Reilly and Molly Shannon. However, the big problem for this film is that it exists in a world where Warm Bodies already exists.

Warm Bodies was such a nice, sweet funny take on the rom-com-zom film (I’m guessing this is kind of a genre now). And this… just isn’t as good. I only watched it a few days ago and already I can’t remember very much about it. I don’t remember it being terrible, but there was nothing really remarkable about it either. The best bits of the film were the opening scenes that set up Beth has coming back from the dead but not knowing it. After that, it just deteriorated and became rather silly and somewhat nothing evil.

It will pass the time if there’s nothing else on and you want an easy watch. It’s also very short, which is always a good thing I think with these sorts of films. However, it’s no surprise that it garnered very lukewarm reviews: it’s just a very lukewarm film.


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