Weird new food: Tic Tac mixers


Tic-Tac Mixers are, perhaps, inappropriately named-in the world of sweets, mix implies several different elements, but that’s not quite the case with the sweets, as each box contains a single flavour. However, they may well have been named after drink mixers, in which case, it might make slightly more sense-however, the drinks represented aren’t generally those commonly used as mixers!

I’m gutted to discover that the most interesting sounding flavour is a melon mojito flavour, which I haven’t seen anywhere yet. The two flavours I have tried are cherry cola and peach lemonade. The box says that the flavour starters one thing and end as the other-I’m not quite sure that that’s the case, but the cherry cola Tic-Tacs are really nice-tasting very much of that flavour with a little tingle.

I had high hopes for the peach lemonade flavour, but these are a little bit disappointing. They’re not terrible, but they just taste of generic sweetie fruity flavour and don’t seem to be especially distinctive, plus they are a little bit sweet and you don’t want too many (of course, that could be a good thing!).

I suspect these are a limited edition product-I can’t see them having the longevity to become part of the permanent range as they’re not that interesting, but it’s worth picking up a box of the cherry cola ones if you see any, as they’re a pretty nice product. If anyone sees the melon mojito ones on sale, do let me know where I can find them!


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