Weird new food: Mr Kipling Cocktail Fancies

2015-07-11 13.42.16

Among my friends, I have a reputation of being the one who will always try out some crazy weird new food stuff – so I thought that, from time to time, I’d blog about some of them. I saw Mr Kipling’s Cocktail Fancies in the supermarket the other day and picked them up. They come in three flavours: peach Bellini; Raspberry daiquiri and pina colada (my God, the voice software hates those names). Now, I have to confess I’m not really one for the fondant fancy. I find the flavour is a little bit insipi, the texture a little bit too airy and the whole thing in need of an extra shot of something like jam or curd. So bear that in mind-if you’re a fondant fancy lover, your opinion of these cakes may vary.

2015-07-11 13.43.12

The Pina colada flavour is my least favourite of the three. It tastes of coconuts, but not really pineapple, and the texture is very floury with the flavour actually quite bland. The peach Bellini one tastes the most like booze-none of them actually have been using so not sure how they’ve managed it, but it’s the only one that is vaguely like the drink in that respect. The raspberry daiquiri one is the one that is most fruity and probably the nicest one. Of course, it’s the one you only get two of, whereas you get three of each of the others.

They probably should have called these tropical fancies or something (although I’m not sure where the raspberry one would fit in), because there’s very little resemblance to any cocktails. Generally, I wouldn’t buy these again. The Rasberry one was quite pleasant, but the other two not particularly. I mean, I’ll eat the rest of them and all that, but unless you really like the texture of fondant fancies and don’t mind flavour being somewhat lacklustre, you might want to stay clear of this lot.


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