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So, it’s been quite a long time since I last blogged. To be honest, I lost some motivation-and finding time to do it was a bit of a difficult ask. However, as I have been off work for several weeks now (more to come in the next post), I have really got back into reading blogs-and that’s really made me miss writing my own!

So I’m intending to update this blog a lot more frequently than I have in the past. It will still no doubt have those random lists about Neighbours-these seem to be the things that get most read anyway! However, I want to get back to writing more about film, TV and music than I have done in a while-and probably something about writing and books which might help spur me on in the last stage of writing the novel for my MA.

In addition, I have become addicted over the last few months to nail and beauty blogs-this is all the fault of Instgram! I found I’ve not only been buying a lot more products, but I also have a lot more opinions-and as none of my friends are into make-up or beauty, I don’t really have anywhere else to share those opinions-so expect to see some posts about make-up and beauty here too.

Once I get a substantial base of posts on different topics, I’ll sort them out into categories so that you can avoid the content you don’t want to see-however, this will take me some time (see also: sorting out my blogroll) . Anyway, even if nobody reads these entries am looking forward to getting back to blogging and hopefully will be able to keep up momentum.

Coming up this month: reflections on the many things I’ve been watching via streaming services; Roxette live in London; swatches and reviews of my insanely huge collection of yellow nail varnish; plus Tramlines 2015!

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