Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before

Oh BuzzFeed. Not only are you content with being responsible for every other post in my Facebook, you’re also making me obsessed with lists – which is better than being obsessed with the gender imbalance in cinema which is all I seem to blog about these days (except The X Factor and Strictly of course). So my brain has been working in lists for a while – most of which involve Roxette, Neighbours or Doctor Who, naturally.

So here’s the first one: five songs that sound a bit like totally ripped off Roxette. I can’t hear any of these without thinking of the Rox song instead…

Firstly, the two everyone cites.

Savage Garden I Want You, which sounds a bit like

The Look but speeded up (and no I am not going to link to ill-conceived semi-abomination The Look 95 at this point)

Coldplay Paradise, which has a synthy bit somewhat similar to:

Wish I Could Fly.

Then there’s one I’ve mentioned before

MGMT’s Kids

Which has a very speeded up synthy bit that reminds me of the refrain in

I Was So Lucky. Admittedly, this is one requires a bit of the aural equivalent of a squint.

Hall of Fame shamelessly lifts its refrain from

My World, My Love, My Life.

But Tegan and Sara know that if you want to rip something off (I was a Fool)

Then go for the best (Listen to Your Heart)


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