Keep on survivin’

A year ago today, my good friend Fiona had a subarachnoid haemmorhage (aka a brain explosion or neurological clusterfuck aka NCF). She lived – many don’t. the way she and her husband Chris and their two girls, my goddaughters, Mirrie and Rosie, have dealt with this year has been incredible. Fiona’s put up a really moving video on her blog which you should check out (for the full effect put on Paradise by Coldplay while you watch as that was her original music of choice).

Fiona’s the queen of the top fives, so I thought it was time I created one in her honour:

Roxette – No-One Makes It On Her Own

I have to have some Roxette in there 😉 This song was written by Per in honour of Marie’s recovery from her own brain explosion (in this case a tumour) so I thought it might be fitting. They do also have a song called ‘Make My Head Go Pop’, but I didn’t go for that as although Fiona would appreciate the humour, it’s a rubbish song.

Aha – Move to Memphis

Fiona did a speech at her wedding do this weekend and Bar Abbey were itching to turf us out well before 1 if they could so I skipped a few playlist songs. Including this one – but I know Fiona loves it, so here ’tis.

William Shatner – Common People

Fiona used to have this standee of Captain Kirk in her bedroom when we were at uni and (weirdly) fancied him. She’s also proper Sheffield – so a marriage of the two seems perfect.

Manic Street Preachers – Faster

This is more for Chris really – when we were students/graduates, he used to wear a top with Manics lyrics on (the lyrics to ‘My Little Empire’possibly?) but I always associate this song with him, and with him and Fiona. I think he used to have Stronger than Mensa in his email address or something but I could be making this up.

The Stone Roses – I Am The Resurrection

When we used to dance at uni, it involved Jailbird, The Man Don’t Give a Fuck, Ginger and very often this one. And it seemed rather apt to pick this seeing as Mrs H has had plenty of near-death experiences and always come back fighting.

Here’s to you, Fiona!


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