Rain or shine?

Yesterday when it was late and I was hormonal, and the weather was dark and sticky and oppressive as it had been for days, and all I had in my head was this song:

my brain went, as it often does in these circumstances, to the important questions of life – in this instance, which weather has the best pop songs?

Sun has a fair amount going for it, particularly if you expand that to include summer – unless you remember that Belinda Carlisle then comes along and RUINS IT BY BEING IN BOTH CATEGORIES:

However, it has a bit of a reputation for cheese – not entirely fair, as the Manic Street Preachers and Soundgarden at least attempt to redress the reggae/pop vibe of the season with their efforts.  A good sun-related tune will put a smile on your face, guaranteed.  And even a bad one can be forgiven if the weather is right.

But then there’s rain.  On paper, it seems the more credible sibling, because cool music is always a bit depressing, so therefore sons about bleak weather should be incredibly hip.  Bitty McLean, however, might challenge that theory.

Some bands seem more disposed to one season or the other.  Roxette are clearly rain (The Rain, Waiting for the Rain, Watercolours in the Rain, Queen of Rain etc) although they do have June Afternoon, which is pretty much the most summery song you can get.  East 17 are also rain (Thunder, Let it Rain) whilst Ash, despite a song called Dark and Stormy (and Goldfinger referencing rain lashing down) are clearly sun (When we watched them at Tramlines, they played Walking Barefoot, Oh Yeah and something else referencing summer in a row, prompting my friend Kerry to remark on their fondness for the summer.  Kerry also pointed out that watching their set felt like being at Wimbledon. Every time they played some guitar wank, obscure song from their A-Z project or random Weezer cover that wasn’t of The Sweater Song, Buddy Holly or Pork and Beans, rather than, say, Angel Interceptor or Jesus Says, she wanted to say “Come on Tim”.  Kerry is ace). Elkie Brooks/Berri and Five Star remain somewhat neutral on the matter*.

Snow has a whole slew of Christmas music at its disposal, but other than that, there’s JJ72, and that’s about it.  And wind needs to up its stakes, as Wind Beneath My Wings and Wind of Change aren’t going to be enough to get it to the position of best weather in pop.

So, what do you reckon?  Sun or Rain?  Or does one of the lesser weather conditions have it?

To help you make up your mind, here are ten random songs (from off the top of my head, there’s no science here) to represent rain and sun.  Tell me which you think is the best pop weather season in the comments or on Twitter, or, if you’re Fiona, do a top 5!

Wet Wet Wet

The Sun-days

(Dare you to not mentally sing ‘have an Outspan, small ones are more juicy naturally’.  There, see.  You CAN’T.  Unless you’re young and don’t remember that advert of course)

*You could make a case that Elkie Brooks and Berri are pro-sun, but they don’t want any old sunshine, they wanna see the sunshine after the rain, which is a very specific type of sunshine, requiring precipitation first.  Therefore, I maintain they are fence-sitters.

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