You’re amazing, just the way you are.

I am sick.  Really not well with whatever the current strain of virus is that has triggered a relapse of the bronchitis and ear/headache/dizziness stuff I was plagued with last year.  On top of that, the world is a mess, the country is a mess and so is pretty much every community and individual I know.  Many people are sick, and in a more ‘proper’ and significant way than I am.  We, as a community of friends, are grieving the loss of a child recently.  Many more people round the world are grieving right now.  Our city has staged protests this weekend about a government that is hurting its people – protests are taking place in countries all over the world with regimes they disagree with.  In all the protests there is maybe some hope (look at Egypt – not that I would dare to say our shitty government was anything like as bad as theirs) but there is a lot of struggle.  2011 has not gotten off to a good start all round.

So, time to have fun, right?  I’m enjoying the 30 day Song Challenge meme on Facebook at the moment, and, kind of inspired by something in last week’s Guardian guide, I thought it’d be fun to list the people that are currently making TV worth watching.

From ‘The Big C’: Cathy Jamison and Andrea Jackson

I’m mostly enjoying this show full stop, but I love Cathy’s snarkiness and Andrea, the smart-mouth student, particularly the way she recently delivered a kick-ass smackdown to Cathy’s whiny son.

From ‘Glee’: Sue Sylvester, Coach Beiste, Santana, Lauren Zizes and Becky

This show is ALL about the female supporting cast (with a sprinkling of Brittany and Mike Chang for good measure).  Will Schuester is a horrible, horrible person and many of the key New Directions mob could do with a slap, but inside the cheesy show there is a delicious undercurrent of awesome waiting to get out.

From EastEnders: Shirley and Jane

Apart from when they keep going back to Phil and Ian.  EastEnders overseas episodes are always rubbish but if they were to make a Jane’n’Shirl Thelma’n’Louise style road trip, I bet it’d be ace.  As long as they didn’t die, and instead the soap got cancelled and replaced with Jane’n’Shirl’s marvellous adventures.  Truly, they are not only too good for their men, they are too good for the Square.

From ‘Friends’: Monica and Chandler

Yeah, so Friends is over, but while E4 are still showing repeats (when does that end?  It must be soon) it’s worth being reminded just how good the show could be, and how right Monica and Chandler were.  Unlike Ross and Rachel, who were never a believable couple, Monica and Chandler are just, well, like a slightly-exaggerated version of the rest of us.

From ‘Nurse Jackie’: Jackie

Oh, she is awful, but we do love her.  Wonderful character, wonderful show.

From ‘Neighbours’: Callum and Kate

The first actual likeable teens in many a year?

From ‘Being Human’: The genius scriptwriters

I am DYING after last week’s episode.  Haven’t been so excited/nervous about a series finale since Ashes to Ashes.

More nice stuff please – favourite songs, shows, funny things – blog, tweet and Facebook the good stuff, because heaven knows we all need something to smile about.


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