Like the break of day, she takes my breath away

I figured out that in one way or another, I blog in at least ten places, maybe more, and sadly this one ends up being the most neglected of them all – what with Twitter and Facebook as well as all the other, specialist, blogs, it seems less and less relevant, though I like to have it here as a place to rant and rave from time to time.

Anyway, I’m popping over here to say I’m reviewing theatre bits and pieces over at Broadway World and am reviewing Racing Demon tonight, which I’m looking forward to, though I hope the Crucible main theatre isn’t quite as cold as the Lyceum and Studio have been in recent weeks.

Also, most importantly, Roxette have a new album, Charm School, out in Europe now and you can read my review of it over at Lowculture.  I am so glad to have them back.  My favourites are Speak to Me and No One Makes it On Her Own, both of which are hauntingly beautiful, and Big Black Cadillac which is just plain good fun.  It should hit the UK in about six or seven weeks but you can get it at, CDON and various other sites if you can’t wait.  I’d definitely advise the 2CD edition, though, with a live disc containing Silver Blue, Sleeping in My car, Listen to Your Heart, Things Will Never Be the Same and a load of other amazingness.

Right, must dash, three lectures, one seminar, three thesis chapters and a dissertation marking sheet to write…!


2 thoughts on “Like the break of day, she takes my breath away

  1. The Crucible main house has always been a bit chilly. I was surprised they didn’t have the studio a little warmer given the nudity.

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