Dance one year in, kiss one goodbye

I meant to blog about the second half of my German adventure but essentially I wasn’t sure dwelling for many words on bad weather, travel blues and insecurity would be much fun. In a way, most of 2010 could be summed up in the same way – bad weather, travel blues and insecurity, and I don’t see 2011 being much different.

It’s been a rum old year. Music, film and TV have flown by so fast but other things, such as my 30th, seem a lifetime ago. I lost my grandad, saw several friends go through hard times, partied a fair bit, worked a lot for what feel like meagre results, played the Sims 3, had annoying problems with my ears, tweeted plenty, got embroiled in the national vuvuzela and election grumblings, went on telly and seemed to spend far too much time away from home, even if some of it was at least spent looking at cool Doctor Who props.

Obligatory TV and pop post to come, even if I feel way out of touch with pop right now.

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