Count the days

We’re on Only Connect again tonight.  I know nothing about history or science.  Just getting it out there so you know.  I feel guilty I’ve blogged here so little of late, given we’re on as ‘Bloggers’.  I kind of miss it but in my defence, I’ve been blogging elsewhere quite a bit with The X Factor and The Apprentice in full swing, and real life’s been a little hectic with the play last week (I was on lighting, which was scary but fun) and loads of deadlines.

Before Christmas I have a thesis chapter to submit, the material for which is all over the place right now, but that’s all good clean fun, right?  I also have the revisions to make on a book chapter, assignments to mark, Christmas shopping to do, lessons to teach, semester two to think about, friends to see, reality shows to blog, Sims3 to play, and to top it off, I spontaneously decided to book five days in Germany later this month to go to the Christmas markets.  I can ill afford it in terms of either time or money but I have a rare opportunity where I don’t have that many lessons a week right now so thought I’d seize it.

Roxette are touring in 2011 so I may well be able to see them AND my Kylie in the same year.  Given I hope to submit my thesis next year, too, 2011 looks like it could be pretty fantastic.


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