The sunshine is a lady

roxSo, I have succumbed and downloaded all the Roxette remastered albums from iTunes. I’m not always so sure about remastering: the way they did the tracks on Madonna’s Celebration album has meant some of them have lost a little of their charm. However, the Roxette remasters are generally great and the albums are stuffed full of bonus tracks. For the hardcore Roxer you, like me, will have most of these bonus tracks as they’ve been on B-sides, the RoxBox box set, the Rarities album and so on. If you have never heard the likes of The Voice, The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye, One is Such a aLonely Number, Myth or Anyone/I Love How You Love Me then there’s no excuse now. Go get immediately!

However, even for those of us who own most of this stuff, the albums are worth getting for the sound quality. Crash! Boom ! Bang! (the album rather than the track) is particularly transformed, although iTunes screwed up my download so I have three songs missing. If you want to hear the difference I suggest comparing ‘What’s She Like’ on the 94 and 09 versions. The change is remarkable.

If you want a more detailed take, the wonderful Diva Incarnate has a review. Go read it!

Oh, and I shall be spending my week watching the new video clips they’ve stuck up on YouTube.

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