These are the thoughts that go through my head

Not very well at the moment. Left work yesterday and missed three lessons, which I never do, and called today off as well (which was easier as it was meetings and supervisions which can be rearranged). Ful of cold but also feeling a bit faint/dizzy/sick. Perhaps I have the piggy pox or something.

My arms are still pretty shonky and I still don’t have my car so little changes.

Anyway, just a few bits and pieces today:


The new Doctor Who logo was unveiled today. As ever, the inernet is divided. I think it’s alright, though the lens flare is a bit crappy as many people have pointed out. The title and the logo look better separate than together, but I imagine they’ll mostly be used separately anyway. I’m really intrigued by how little we know about the new series and I’m very excited.

I got my new driving licence yesterday as I needed the photocard renewing – the new style (above) is very odd. I get the purpose of all the hologrammy bits, but can anyone explain why the photo has to be in B and W?

Oh, and the Booker Prize is revealed later. I have read a few of the longlisted books now, but none of the shortlisted ones. The Children’s Book is in my library pile and I’m on waiting lists for the others. It’ll be interesting to see what wins as the past few years, The Line of Beauty aside, I haven’t enjoyed the winners anywhere near as much as other listed titles. Anyone read any of them? Any favourites?

Finally… I got my first ever home delievery of groceries yesterday. From Ocado. I guess I am pretty much middle class now.


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