Together in Electric Dreams

Oh, BBC Four, I do love you, but occasionally you make it hard. They’re running a season called Electric Revolution, which looks like it will contain a few gems. However, next week, before the sure-to-be-amazing Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe, there’s a new series called Electric Dreams. It’s looking at how domestic and personal technology has evolved in the past forty years, focussing on the 70s one week, the 80s the next and the 90s the next (presumably they’ve decided we know enough about the 00s). OK, that could be kind of interesting.


The format they have chosen is to ape the 1900s/1940s house (remember those Channel 4 millennial shows?) – which means the family they use have to endure the “hardship” of life in days of yore before wi-fi, broadband or proper mobiles. I mean, I’ll watch it and probably even enjoy it, but come on.

Perhaps I wouldn’t find it all so ludicrous if I didn’t remember this.

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