Doctor doctor, gimme the news

I haven’t blogged for ages because I don’t feel there’s much I’m excited or angry about, life is just pottering along, slowly. I could talk about my addiction to The Sims3, my love of Only Connect or how boring the current organising material stage of the PhD is (and how it’s coincided with said gaming addiction). But in this paragraph alone I’ve probably said all I can on those things.

However, the past couple of days I have felt roused by something though, and that’s the barmy republican slurs on our NHS just because they feel threatened by Obama’s potential healthcare reforms (which aren’t about instituting a full-on NHS system anyway, as far as I can make out) – the funniest being the guy who said on Britain’s NHS, someone like Steven Hawking WOULD BE DEAD. Of course, Hawking quickly replied that WITHOUT the NHS he’d be dead.

The issue isn’t what’s best for the US – they need to sort that out themselves, although their health care system is more expensive than ours, much lower in the world rankings and leaves people bankrupt so do the maths (sorry, math). The issue is about them casting ridiculous slurs on our system and calling it evil because it dares to treat people the same, rich or poor.

So I love, love, love that #welovethenhs has been topping the Twitter trending topics. Heaven knows, the NHS has its problems – I’ve experienced my fair share of those frustrations myself, but the problems aren’t with having an NHS per se, they’re about the difficulties of funding and so on, about how to balance excellent healthcare for all with fair taxes (see also: all other public services). But I will defend the NHS passionately, and like most Britons criticise it as someone who uses it and wants it to be better than it is, not someone who wants to get rid of it.

The people who think it’s daft that we criticise our health system all the time, yet passionately love it, also don’t understand the British mindset. Whether it’s our weather, language, health system, road system or sports team, we’ll whinge and moan about it – but start to diss what we have and we’ll defend it to the hilt.


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