Slow it down, girl you’re moving too fast.

So, there were some mad times in June. I went to London three times in a fortnight to do interviewing, researching, conferencing, theatring and socialising. Then, for good measure, I did a conference in Manchester as well. It was all very good, but tiring (and Godot? Loved it). I came back with loads to do, loads of ideas, a real buzz.

I spent a week doing lots on the back of it, including starting weekly focus groups in the chatroom on – which are going very well – but then I realised how utterly knackered I was. So I’ve had a few days off, which has been very nice, although I’ve done nothing productive – uploading some CD singles onto my iPod and playing on the Sims3 a lot, watching Voyager and Deep Space Nine. A real ‘slobbing out’ few days.

Last night was Fiona’s 30th and Alan’s 40th celebrations, an 80s themed party, which was lots of fun. And in less than a fortnight (!!!) my bro gets married. So July isn’t going to be too quiet either…


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