And my clothes don’t fit me no more

I am in the process of losing weight. It’s going OK but I have conferences at the end of this week/start of next, and not enough suitable tops to wear. I wanted to buy something cheap (because hopefully I’ll shrink and not fit it soon) and vaguely smart but that seems to be impossible right now. I’ve currently ended up with two tops from M and S, a similar style, but one green in a 16 and one yellow in a 14. I don’t think I’ll keep both but I’ll take them both with me and return the one I don’t wear. (If I get time tomorrow to see if MH has the green one in a 14 that may win)

The 14 is a little tight on the front but loose on the back. The 16 fits well on the front but is falling off on the back. A size 15 would be good. Neither fits perfectly but they’re the only things I’ve found so far that fit the bill and I don’t hate. Hmm. Mostly I haven’t lost enough weight yet to make a difference to my wardrobe, but a handful of things are a bit too big now. This is a consequence I didn’t really think through – the cost of new clothes. The main thing on my mind was being able to buy something in a 14 for Adam’s wedding. Now I also have an ideal weight/BMI goal in mind (which I won’t get to before the wedding), which I am guessing will end up equalling a large 12 or small 14 in clothes sizes if I remember the last time I was that weight, so that’s going to mean a mostly new wardrobe, and whilst many of my clothes are falling apart anyway and seriously need replacing, I hate hate hate hate clothes shopping (and don’t intend to do any until I get to my goal weight, conference/wedding gear aside) and would rather spend the cash on my house fund, or a holiday, or CDs or, well, anything more exciting than clothes.

I’m so flipping contradictory. Even though I will really be pleased if I manage to lose all the weight I need to, I can’t help but find clouds in the silver linings.


One thought on “And my clothes don’t fit me no more

  1. i know asda are evil but the george stuff is actually good if youre wanting something temporary.and ok quality..ive been living in them cause ive lost so much over the last 8 months or so…

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