London calling

I’m so tired at the moment. PhD stuff is very intense, with interviews in London this weekend, conferences in London next weekend and Manchester the Monday and Tuesday afterwards, lots of focus groups, interviews and other audience stuff, more textual analysis, more literature, more methodology stuff, CFPs… It’s great, I love it, there is a real energy about the project – not just from me, but from so many people who find it interesting, who have a lot to say, who have been really generous with their time.

I was in London last night to see a preview of Jon Ronson‘s new documentary, ‘How to Find God’. It’s the first in a series of documentaries on religion C4 are running in a strand called Revelations and it airs on June 28 at 7pm. The strand offers me probably the only big chance to do some interesting audience stuff ‘as it happens’, and I also want to go to Oxford and interview people from the church and the course.

As well as this, there’s book club, Fiona and Alan’s birthday, Pete’s birthday, more camping, that wedding, that baby… so so much. It will not be a quiet summer, that’s for sure, although I would really like a holiday (which isn’t looking likely).

It’s so busy I feel like my head’s about to explode so if I’ve been quiet on LowCulture, Sheffield Forum and am generally being a bit absent in some of my friendships that are outside of regular routine activities, then forgive me.


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