There ain’t no black in the union jack

Gotta love the racists…

A few choice quotes from some of the mentalists frequenting the Sheffield Forum‘s more politicised threads at the moment…

And don’t foreget If they lose their jobs here they can then go back home and claim our jobseekers allowance; and of course we know for certain that they’re are monitored to see if they’re looking for work in Poland etc.

Now it is not safe for white people to walk in certain areas even in daylight. This is not BNP or racist this is fact.

The country had just finished a war against foreigners, how would you expect people to feel to have a load of them dumped on their doorsteps…………….

T*** the racist eh, wonder why you were singled out in your childhood, could it be a fault of your own, of course not T*** is faultless like the rest of islam and he’s so intellegunt he’s above the knuckle graggers, sounds like someone has a hand up his a**e working him.

Nice to see that you can smile while asians peddle their filth, I’m sure you’ve just done a service for those who buy takeaways they’ll know now who’s businesses to avoid.
Asian Rat curry anyone they don’t mind you being a victim in fact they can joke about it.

For the record I’ve never voted for the BNP nor am I a member of the BNP, in your ingnorance as with people of your ilk you always fall back on the racist BNP card.
The last time people like you were around was in the bygone days of the hysterical ‘Witchfinfder General’ and the ‘Salem Withch Hunts’ where anyone who had a grudge or an axe to grind played the ‘Witch’ card; today it’s the racist/BNP card.

The multiculturalism experiment has failed. It has been a failed experiment for years! We just need to accept it!

An increasing number of problems in England now are created because we have people from too many ethnic origins, each attempting to compete with the other and subject others to their beliefs and religions. The best way to rid this country of racism is of course for people to return to their country of origin. Surely this is the best way to defeat racism, whether negative or positive? This is not discriminative, it is merely common sense!

…when confronted with all the problems of this statement and asked for their solution they said…

There must be a final solution somewhere I think.

… and the best one of all, from the most offensive of the racists…

Why are you people so racist.

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