Lazy line painter Jane

I’ve not been blogging much because I haven’t had that much to say, lots of little tidbits, but nothing majorly exciting. It’s partly because any immediate thoughts get tweeted or Facebook and partly because I’m not musing on anything significant right now. Anyway, here are the edited highlights of the last week or two:

  • Went to The Lakes last week to do some research. Didn’t see as much of it as I would have liked and it rained a lot. Bought lots of beers and chutneys, though 🙂
  • Have hopefully finished at Lincoln, hopefully for good… but doing a little bit of work at Chesterfield College post-Easter until early June. Five weeks, only one of which clashes with SHU, and the remaining weeks are under my AHRC limit. Not too shabby, although somewhat intimidating as am not used to A-level expectations or curriculum.
  • After years of resistance, I might be becoming a Radio 4 liker. Victoria Coren’s Heresy (Tuesdays 6.30) has converted me, and I may even listen to the programme about Blair and religion in a bit. Then it’s onto the politics, news and comedy I guess.
  • Somerfield in Broomhill is becoming a Spar, as the Co-Op had to sell it. Annoying on so many levels: 1) they could have sold the crappy shop at Commonside instead 2) it just reminds me of how the competition laws apply to every chain except sodding Tesco, who, by the way, are planning on opening at Commonside, which would be a disaster as well as eveil (apparently FIVE BLOODY SHOPS in the space of just over a mile is fine for our evil overlords) but would no doubt force the Co-Op to close there anyway meaning we could have had one at Broohill anyway 3) The Co-Op is more ethical than Somerfield and cheaper and better stocked than Spar. 4) SPAR? Really? 5) This will no doubt mean the All-days convenience store closes, if the Spar goes 24-hour. Still, at least a Spar is better than a Tesco.
  • Marking is going slowly. Some of the assignents are OK, but so many are such dross that it’s making it very painful work….

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