My papa told me to stay out of trouble

Gawd bless Facebook. I found someone on there from my dim and distant past the other day. Back then I really liked and admired this person but was also a bit of a horror to them – teenage, hormones all over the place, I wasn’t the greatest person to know. Anyway, I messaged them and said sorry for all of that and they said they didn’t remember me being that bad. So either they have forgotten me completely and are being polite, or time has healed things, or things I thought were awful fifteen years ago really weren’t that bad on reflection. Anyway, it’s not like we’re going to be best friends or anything, I doubt we’ll ever even meet up, but it’s nice sometimes to make amends with your past, and with an era that I’ve always looked back on with shame. There are some other people from that time I’d like to make peace with (but they’re not on FB or googlable) but this person was probably one of the biggest.


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