Beautiful things are coming my way

Now I’m a member of the fabulous Showroom and I work across the road, I watch a lot of films that might otherwise pass me by, as well as a few of the bigger ones. There are so many I don’t always have time to blog review them (although I may start doing so more) but I wanted to briefly mention Better Things.

It’s an odd little film, a multi-narrative story of life in the Cotswolds. It’s incredibly bleak, focussing on the lives of several teenagers and elderly people in the area and dealing with death, depression, drugs and the devastating effect of love. It’s not got much in the way of a story, or dialogue, and nothing much happens, so I don’t know if I’d recommend it on that score – some people may love this, others will hate it. It’s very, very affecting though, because the acting in it is some of the best I have ever seen. Most of the cast are new to acting, with only two of them having done professional acting before. A number of them arrive having experienced themselves some of the problems their characters suffer, which gives a very realistic edge.

Perhaps the best performances come from the elderly married couple in one of the strands, who are also married in real life and who broke my heart in this.

None of these people will get nods at the BAFTAs or Oscars for this, and it’s a real shame, because although the film itself is something that will be quite divisive, and I don’t know how much I enjoyed it, these performances are well worth a look.


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