Give it to me, yeah

I promise I’ll blog some proper stuff soon, I’ve got loads to say but the unholy trinity of sleep, socialising and the wii (Animal Crossing and Bully at the mo) keep getting in the way. They’re also not helping the PhD much, as I now have 6 hours of Soul of Britain to analyse, which I borrowed from some nice person on the internet and have been slow at because they’re on VCR which means doing it from the bedroom; Naomi’s Priest Idol that I still haven’t got round to after nearly a year (shame on me) and a full DVR of Around The World in 80 Faiths, Science and Islam, Christianity: A History and some old episodes of Jews, A Year in Tibet and Dispatches that I need to get on with watching ASAP. All in all it’s about 25 hours of programming, or 75 hours of analysis. Funtastic.

Anyway, just a quickie, looking for some recommendations for:

– A nice foundation that does a good job on the balancing skin tone front.
– A decent free web design tool (or a free demo. Used up my Dreamweaver demo allowance, not so keen on Nvu, can’t integrate WordPress with my server (plus can’t understand WP beyond their basic templates)
– A decent free graphics package (or free demo, again used up the PSP and Photoshop demos)

Let me know in the comments.

Oh, and I’m dipping a toe into Twitter: @rad6380


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