It all keeps adding up, I think I’m cracking up

With Science and Islam, Christianity: a History and Around the World in 80 Faiths all showing, my DVR is becoming clogged up with programmes I haven’t analysed yet, so I’ve gone back to the earliest stuff on there – Dispatches ‘In God’s Name’ from May last year. It’s about fundamentalist right wing Christian (struggles for nice way to say nutjobs. Ummmm) ‘fringe’ people in the UK, and in typical Dispatches style, it’s found the most extreme and objectionable people it can and then gone ‘oh look, aren’t these people objectionable?’ They don’t just do it to the religious (and Islam suffers worse than Christianity), it seems to be their raison d’etre as a brand. But I don’t have to analyse their docs on healthcare, finance, politics etc, so those bother me less. I’m not saying having investigative docs into these things is bad, but it does get wearing, especially when whatever their story, they always seem to go for the most extreme examples.

I’ve been getting wound up in equal parts by the scary Christian nutters and by the voiceover and editing. I cheered myself up by looking at Christian Voice’s Wiki page, though, which is hilarious. For those who don’t know CV are an ‘organisation’ (I use the term loosely as only their main man ever speaks, and he has no credentials other than being a man with some dodgy viewpoints and a lot of nous who’s pretty good at getting himself in the media) who complain about everything. See the sky above you? They’d find some way to make that satanic if it would get them some press inches. Anyway, the list of things they object to on the Wiki with links to their press releases is so funny.

Fortunately, Channel 4 don’t always portray religious people as evil or mental. They do show some thought provoking, interesting and warm programmes about religion. But you’ll never find any of those in the Dispatches strand…


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