I love all of you

Last night I went out with one of my Sheffield Forum friends, Scott and some of his colleagues to a beer tasting session at The York, which was great (preceded by free curry at the Nottingham House, also great). We got chatting to the people next to us, and bingo! Four more friends!

The previous night I was out at the Harlequin with more SF mates, and prior to that I was at the pictures with Kerry, a friend from work. Tonight after work I had a meeting with some of my friends from the Midland Players, tomorrow I’ll be at areotone with my gym friends, then game with some of my bestest friends of all, Friday out with the SF crowd and no doubt seeing more friends over the weekend.

Tomorrow is the birthday of Rosie, the daughter of two of my best friends, my goddaughter and also a friend, albeit a three-year old one.

In February I will be going to London to do some interviewing and I’ll see one of my childhood friends and one of my newer friends, whom I met through Lowculture. The people I went to school with are mostly on Facebook now, too, and we’re all becoming friends again and planning a reunion.

When I was in the church I was so lonely and so desperate for community, yet it always kept dissolving around me. I tried to make friends and very rarely succeeded. I cried my heart out so many times, over people and principles that it turned out were not worth one second of my pain.

Yet now I am a member of so many communities: my closest friends, from uni days, my friends from Grimsby – those I’ve been in touch with for ever and those I’m being reacquanited with, my friends from drama group, my friends from Cocoa book club, my friends from various exercise classes, my neighbours, the traders in my local community, my SF friends, my LC friends, my colleagues and students at SHU and Lincoln, and a very select number of people from the St Tom’s days who are still in touch from across the country and world, and my family, both the close and distant branches, all of whom I feel a lot closer to than I did in my younger years… I am no longer lonely in the slightest, and I am happy.

And I just want to say thank you to all of you because you’re so amazing and I love my life right now!


2 thoughts on “I love all of you

  1. You’re welcome 🙂
    Roo says thank you very much for her books. I think she had a good day, she eat a lot of cake and ran around – whats not to like….

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