With the boys that I meet down on the line

Another of my friends found out today that they might be losing their job as a result of the credit crunch. That makes three, two of whom are in my close circle of friends, not to mention quite a few more whose jobs may be at risk.

It seems weird that those in the private sector, which for many years seemed so secure, seem to be most at risk right now, whilst those of us in the more public sector jobs seem a bit better off – although I’m not naive, it could hit any of us in time, too.

Having been through redundancy, I know how horrible it is, although I was fortunately only on the dole for a little while. In the last recession, in the 90s, I saw people who were on the dole for a long time, and it was so demoralising for them. I hope that it won’t be the same situation or anything close to it for those that are in that position now.

Anyway, there’s no deep thinking behind this post, just that if it’s you going through it, I’m sorry, and I care and I hope you get through it soon and into something better.


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