You still haunt me

Anyone got any tips for how to keep the subconscious in line? Every couple of weeks or so I’ll have some dream or other about something or someone from the horrible past and wake up in a sweat or panic and it then affects me for the rest of the day. Today has been one of those days with ghosts round every corner. Normally I can just shrug them off, and tomorrow they’ll almost certainly be gone for another couple of weeks or so, but sometimes they are more present than I want. Before anyone starts being all clever clogsy, I’m aware that it’s because there are unresolved issues that my subconscious is bringing up, but they’re never going to BE resolved, and I’d rather they didn’t haunt my dreams and then sometimes encroach on my day.

Oh, if only I had a time machine and could go back and wipe large sections of the past out….

…Which segues somewhat clumsily into…

I am older than the new doctor! Not only that, my little brother is older than the new doctor. Still, he looks incredibly time Lordy and I hope he’ll be good. I have faith in Moffat – he wrote Press Gang, therefore he is a telly god.


One thought on “You still haunt me

  1. Sleep Mantra

    Try this…

    In a few moments I’m going to fall into a deep, relaxing sleep. I’ll sleep right through until …am, and when I wake I’ll be refreshed and energised.

    Optional, if you’e looking for a solution to a problem:
    While I’m asleep I want my unconcious to work on…(insert problem).

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