We don’t need a crowded ballroom

New Year is a funny time. Some years I have felt massively reflective, very occasionally hopeful, often sad and scared. This year, I just feel, well, fine.

A number of my friends have had a hard 2008. I felt a little guilty for having an OK one. Still my 06 was an annus horribilis – and I saw out that year with a few friends who’d all had a bad year. In a way that was more of an ‘event’, even though last night was mostly a lot of fun – six of us, Singstar, alcohol and food (and two more later in the night). It was a little odd though, being a mix of people with good 08s and bad ones.

My 2008 didn’t really have any major highlights or lowlights (other than music, TV etc as already documented). A few ups and downs, sure, but mostly a fairly even keel, which is a good thing. It’s been a calmer year, and I’ve probably had a better general level of happiness than ever before because of that.

I don’t make resolutions, but I guess I hope in 09 I will crack a way to lose weight (or else be happy with the weight I am) – and I wish that for nearly all of my friends as the majority also have weight issues, both boys and girls. I also want to work harder on my PhD. I would say I want to see the last year of my 20s out in style, but to be honest, I’d rather live it out in normality and harmony.

I’m looking forward to maybe having a nice holiday, and to meeting all the babies due this year (loads!). Hope you all have a good one.


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