Three is the magic number?

Or not, as it turns out. Their customer services are on a par with T-Mobile’s, and that’s saying a hell of a lot. I am too angry to write about what’s going on (it’s actually a small issue monetarily, but not small in terms of the principle involved) but I have emailed Trading standards about it, so I’m hoping for some consumer action power. In case I can get released from my contract, anyone who’s had customer service dealings with Vodafone, O2 or Orange want to offer some opinions on how they do? Are they all evil, or are any of them even vaguely functional?

Oh, and I didn’t get paid this month (they did eventually come through with emergency pay) and I won’t be getting paid next month either (thank heaven my next AHRC grant payment should be in by then) because SHU changed the system for our pay AND DIDN’T TELL ANYONE.

Merry Christmas!!

2 thoughts on “Three is the magic number?

  1. o2 customer service are FAB…
    even just with pay and go…

    as you know ive had the same number for years now… i thought id lost my phone last year – rang them up – no problem, they’d be happy to port it all across to another sim for me… and same offer when i accidently put it through the wash in september – was given a blank sim and a number and reference to call if it wasnt working and theyd replace it no probs… everytime ive rung them which to be honest has only been 5 times in 8 years! theyve been more than helpful..

  2. Vodafone were always helpful when I was with them. I only left to go onto another network because my family were all on the other network and it was cheaper all round.

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