It Takes Two, Baby

Doctor Who

I thought long and hard about whether Doctor Who deserved such a high placing. On the one hand, Catherine Tate and David Tennant had amazing chemistry, Donna was ace, as were Sylvia and Wilf, Martha, Sarah Jane, Rose, Jackie, Mickey, K9, Francine, Harriet Jones and Jack were back, there was some fab integration with Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures and there was the excellent hat trick of Midnight/Turn Left/The Stolen Earth. And Kylie, of course. On the other hand, the ridiculous last fifteen minutes of Journey’s End and the sickly, horrible Rose/Doc snogging of ewwwwwwww. And Donna getting her brain wiped. I’m relenting and putting it here because I’ll miss it so much in 2009 when we only have a handful of specials, and because David and Catherine were amazing. And hey, I can always stop Journey’s End after Martha, Mickey and Jack leave the TARDIS next time and pretend the series ended there, on a high.

Kylie Minogue – In My Arms / The One

Two of the three best songs from X (the other being No More Rain, but that’s perhaps because it’s my ‘Changing Track’ – as in the song I would choose if I was on that slot, I haven’t ACTUALLY been on it). In My Arms suffered slightly from being released when Wow was all over the radio. The One, however, wasn’t even released properly. Parlophone kept mucking about with whether it would be a proper release or not; you couldn’t download the Freemasons single mix unless you also downloaded the original album version, which everyone already has (and which I generally prefer), I don’t know if they got round to putting out a physical release in the end, but I don’t think they did, and they didn’t do a proper video until ages after it was released. Thus, what should have been one of Kylie’s biggest hits disappeared without a trace. For shame.

So… Kylie and Doctor Who at number two! What, then, are my top TV show and single of the year? I’ll give you a couple of days to guess in the comments. The first people to get each right will win a mix CD of the top 20 of 2008, and a special mention in Wednesday (or Thursday)’s number one post.


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