No 13 Baby

Desperate Housewives

Series four was a little hit and miss, but it had several things going for it: the hurricane, Mrs Mcluskey, Bob and Lee, lots of stuff for Felicity Huffman to get her teeth into, and the awesomeness of Katherine.

Series five so far has been a blast. Zipping five years into the future was a masterstroke, as was giving Gabby children, because Juanita OWNS Wisteria Lane this series. Add to this the fact that Katherine and Bob and Lee are still around, and that there are tons of unanswered questions, and you’ve got a recipe for a solid final two seasons after this one. Fab.

MIA – Paper Planes

Hands up who always thought MIA was overrated? Yeah, all of us. But ‘Paper Planes’ showed that she has the potential to write a cracking tune if she wants to. Unfortunately it was slightly tainted by the evil twins Fearne and Reggie giving it their support, but don’t let that prejudice you too much.

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