You walked me down fourteenth street


They said the family sitcom was dead. Outnumbered proved them wrong. A semi-improvised sitcom with children sounds terrible; it’s actually brilliant. Hugh Dennis and Clare Skinner are great as the put-upon parents and the three child actors playing Karen, Ben and, erm, the older one, are a real find. The second series is currently proving to be just as good as the first, and if you don’t believe me that it’s great, series one was repeated on BBC Four, of all places, which is an automatic badge of quality.

Alphabeat – 10, 000 Nights

Scandinavians make the best pop, don’t they? You only have to look at the ridiculous number of records bropken by Mama Mia! to prove that. Adding to the great Scandipop tradition (and I know here my friends Paul and Adrian will despair at me because they like proper scandipop that goes way beyond the stuff we get in the UK mainstream) came Alphabeat: looking like Belle and Sebastian, sounding like Same Difference on Jelly Tots, they were a nice blast of funpop in the middle of miserable winter.


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