Eighteen til I die


It’s only been going five minutes, so its placing here reflects the fact that it is equally as likely to go rubbish as it is to be utterly brilliant. So far, it’s got off to a cracking start, with a huge cast, the audacity to kill off big players (characters played by Shaun Dingwall and Freema Agyeman, no less) and an intriguing set up involving the dual plots of people trying to survive after most others have died and a bunch of dodgy scientists working undercover. I have been avoiding reading up on the original 70s version, as though I don’t expect the two to be identical, I think there would still be too many spoilers.

Katy Perry – Hot’n’Cold

‘I Kissed a Girl’ was fluffy catchy-pop with a slightly dubious lipstick lesbian guise that had the whole interweb up in arms as to whether it was tongue in cheek or pandering to male fantasies. And probably a million other things. Whatever, the follow-up was much better, catchier and easier to dance to:


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