Indian Food Made Easy / Chinese Food Made Easy

Anjum Anand returned for a second series of the delicious Indian Food Made Easy, and honestly, homemade is totally the best. She’s the kind of person you wish was your best mate or your neighbour, because her food seems great and she seems totally lovely. Her first series was pretty inspirational, even if a lot of the recipes were meat-centric. Her second is just as good, and I’m looking forward to checking out the new book.

Clipetty clip

Chin-He Huang’s presenting style is a far cry from Anjum’s smooth professionalism. She’s so hyper and enthusiastic it’s sometimes maddening, but it’s also quite exciting as it sweeps you up in the desire to get cooking yourself. Her recipes are a bit hit and miss, but I recommend her Grandmother’s five spice chicken and rice, although I do it with mushroom. It’s foolproof and gorgeous. However, I’m not sure she made that on the telly, so here’s her Spicy Szechuan hotpot:

Leona Lewis – Run

Currrently heading to number one, this is a rathe divisive song, as not everyone likes her slightly overblown version of the Snow Patrol song, and not everyone likes the song anyway. I like Snow Patrol, I like Leona and I like this version, so it’s all good for me.


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