20th Century Boy, I Wanna Be Your Toy

Jamie’s Ministry of Food

Jamie and Mick the Miner

A lot of people criticise Mr Oliver, for a lot of reasons. Some of those are justified, and I’m not having a Jamie Oliver debate on my blog, as there are hundreds of places on the internet where you can have one of those. However, I think the bloke’s heart is in the right place and he does more good than harm. His 2008 series saw him trying to clean up the food act of Rovvram, through what the church would call discipleship: training a small group, who trained a small group and so on. At times it was like he’d been sitting at the feet of Mike Breen (which is no bad thing, none of my angst at the church is linked to Mike, who is one of the best people I know) learning about the square and people of peace and whatnot (Lifeshapes… I’ll explain in more detail one day soon for the uninitiated, as I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately). Whether his ideas fly or not remains to be seen, but goos on him for trying. And the Sunday afternoon repeats of Jamie at Home have also been essential viewing. Surely a knighthood isn’t far off?

The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name


One of the sounds of 2008, it was loved and loathed in equal measure, but I guarantee you in ten years time you’ll be dancing to it at an 00s night and reminiscing fondly.


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