Fly like paper, get high like planes

Well, the party season is upon us. We had cocktails last Saturday, which was great fun (and about half the booze is still left, so we can go back for more!), and I went out with a few SF friends on the Friday (and got charged to have a dirnk in The Harley. Tsk, the cheek of it etc). Going out with more SF buddies on Saturday, then there’s Phil’s birthday, work Christmas meal, friends Christmas meal, my own Christmas party, plus family stuff going on. Woooo (apart from for my poor figure, everytime it loses a pound or two I end up having a mad social occasion to undo the good work).

I’m also spending my way through the credit crunch by buying lots of Christmassy decs and paper and presents and whatnot, as well as indulging fairly often in those 2 for £10 CDs you get at Virgin and HMV. I have been good at resisting Wii games, though. I never have time to play the ones I do own so there’s no point buying more. Resolution for the Christmas hols isn’t to mark or do PhD work or anything boring like that, it’s to put some good hours in on the little white machine.


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